Main label + sub labels

Ajatus (SWE), Death Metal
Ahumado Granujo (CZ), Gore/Grind
Angel Vengeance (TH), Power Metal
The Anthagonist (ES), Death/Black Metal

Beneath Slumber (SWE), Doom Metal
The Brood (UK), Grind/Metal/Hardcore

Calibre (IR), Melodic Metalcore
Cursus Bellum (SWE), Death/Black Metal
Concrete Icon (FI), Dark/Death Metal

Dark Legacy (SWE), Symphonic Death Metal
Daemonlord (ES), Raw Black Metal
Doomed Timeline Theory (CH), Rock/Stoner/Grunge/Doom

Eyeconoclast (IT), Death/Thrash Metal

From North (SWE), Viking/Folk Metal
Frozen (ES), Black Metal
Fatal Portrait (ES), Black Metal

Goreinhaled (ES), Brutal Death Metal
Grimtone (SWE), Black Metal
Gypse Chief Goliath (CAN), Rock/Stoner/Doom
Grand Massive (D), Rock/Stoner/Metal

Handful of Hate (IT), Black Metal
Hedon (SWE), Black/Death/Thrash

Immersed in Blood (SWE), Brutal Death Metal
Intoxicate (SWE), Thrash Metal
ILL-Tick P.O.E. (SWE), Hip-Hop

Järnbörd (SWE), Crustgrind

Kid Jesus (SWE), Hip-Hop
Keeyang (SWE), Hip-Hop

Livløst (NO), Black Metal

Master Charger (UK), Heavy rock/metal
Misericordia (SWE), Black Metal
Mixomatosis (ES), Death Metal/Grindcore
Monstrath (BR), Death Metal
Metal Mirror (UK), NWOBHM

Nefarium (IT), Black Metal
Nocturn (ES), Black Metal
Nomenmortis (SVK), Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Nocturnal Feelings (COL), Black Metal

Phantasma (SVK), Atmospheric Death Metal

Realms Of Chaos (SVK), Brutal and technical Death metal
Resonance Cascade (SWE), Grindcore

Seventh Fear, NWOBHM
Svartnad (SWE), Depressive Rock/Black Metal

Trailer Trash Terror (FI), Thrash Metal/Punk/Hardcore
Tor Marrock (UK), Cellar/Dark/Gothic Metal

Undecimber (SWE), Gothic Metal

Wulfgar (SWE), Viking/Melodic death metal

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