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Apparition/EA/Fenrisulf/Juno Bloodlust/Svar Fra Hedensk – Oriental Abyss, CD (ZDR 001)

Afgrund (SWE) – Corporatocrazy, CD

Altvater – chroniken, CD (GUC 010-09)

Ancient (NOR) – Det Glömte Riket, CD

Ancient(NOR) – Eerily Howling Winds, CD

Ajatus (SWE) – Blood 666, CD-replica

Ahumado Granujo (ZCE) – Splatter-Tekk, CD

Beneath Slumber – Triumph of Death, CD-replica

Bitterness – Resurrexodus, CD (GUC 030-15)

Bifröst – Mana Ewah, CD (EP056)

Cataplexy- Devangelight, CD (ZDR 014)

Cenotaph – Heart and Knife, MCD (STR01MCD)

Crowboar- Of Tusks and Talons, MCD

CAD – Deadnation, CD

Concrete Icon – Perennial Anguish, CD-replica

Concrete Icon – Through Agonizing Past, CD-replica

Cenotaph – Perverse Dehumanizad Dysfunctions, (coy 180-17)

Carnage – Purification Through Anihilation, (coy 178-17)

Cephalotripsy/Membro Genital Befurcator – Split, (coy 174-16)

Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead, CD-replica

Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead, Cassette (ltd. 250x incl sticker) + (-trade for other cassette only!)

Dead Infection – Corpses of the Universe, Digi-CD

De Praestigiis Darmonum – Yvonxhe, CD (ZDR 018)

Derogatory – Graveyard Lovers, (coy 170-16)

Deny The Urge – Subsequent Confrontation, CD (GUC   012-04)

Deny The Urge – Blackbox of human sorrow, CD (GUC 016-08)

Deny The Urge – As darkness falls, CD (GUC 034-17)

Doomed Timeline Theory (SWI)- S/T, CD-replica

Demogorgon -Where is he…, CD (GUC 026-13)

Dark Legacy – Ad Extremum Epilogue, CD-replica

Elderblood – Son of the Morning, CD

Engorgerectomy – 725, (coy 173-16)

Eyeconoclast (IT) – MCD (incl. 1 hidden bonus song!), CD-replica

Eyeconoclast (IT) – Unassigned Death Chapter, CD

Fatal Perdation – Cold, Starless, Moonless, CD (ZDR 003)

Fenrisulf – Eternal Inheritance, CD (ZDR 020)

Fimbultyr – Niddikter, (uer057)

Fetal decay – Your Enemy is You, (coy 181-17)

Frozen (spa) – The Unborn, CD

Fatal portrait – An Elusive Instinct…, CD

From North (SWE) – S/T, CD

Fimbulvet – Heidenherz, Digi-CD (2-EP056)

Gnome- Silent Scream, CD (ZDR 012)

Gorugoth – S/T, CD (ZDR 004)

Glossectomy – Impediments From Dysplasia, CD (BCE003)

Gorevent – Worship Paganism, CD (BCE006)

Gorevent – Abnormal Exageration, CD (BCE005)

Gra – Ending, Digi-CD (uer062)

Goreinhaled (SP) – Unleash the Bloody Storm, CD

Gypsy Chief Goliath – It’s a Walk in the Mist, CD-replica

Grand Massive (DE/SWE), MCD

Holocausto Canibal – Larvas, CD (BLP0136)

Hirax – Assassins of War, MCD (SMG032)

Hostile Eyes – Disobediaence, CD (BCE002)

Hybrid viscery – Redneck Abomination, (coy 168-16)

Hypnos – The Whitecrow, CD (EP060-2)

Infernal Necromancy – 1997-2000, CD (ZDR 008)

Insision – End of All, MCD (SR148)

Kali Yuga – S/T, CD-digipack (GUC 031-15)

Kali Yuga – Wrath of durga, CD (GUC 024-12)

Kill – Inverted Funeral, CD (THR107)

Kill – Burning Blood, CD (SEED023)

Kratornas – Devoured by Damnation, CD

Kevlar Skin – The Bereaved, MCD (LFP009)

Kevlar Skin – Outburst, CD (LFP011)

Koozar/Bangivanz Abdul, CD (ZDR 026)

Korp – Hel Kallar, (uer060)

Logistic Slaughter – Corrosive Ethics, (coy 166-16)

Lux Divina (SP) – Walk Within the Riddle, CD (EP059-2)

Myocardial Infarction – Revitalization of the Perniciousness, CD (BCE004)

Modic Vomiting Pus – Thoracoahdominal Viscerectomy, CD Digi-file (BCE007)

Mental Apraxia – Against Human Manipulation, (coy 172-16)

Misericordia (SWE) – Erase the Skies, MCD

Misericordia (SWE) – Dechristianize, CD

Master charger, CD-replica

Nåstrond (SWE) – Conquering the Ages, CD

Nåstrond (SWE) – From a Black Funeral Coffin, CD

Nomenmortis (svk) – Misanthrone, MCD

Nomenmortis – Exterminating the Bastard Forces, MCD

Nocturn (SP)/Deamonlord (SP) – split, CD

Nefarium (IT) – Praesidium, CD

Nocturnal Feelings – Compilation, CD replica

Nine Treasures – S/T, Digi-CD (EP064)

Nivlhel – Nivlhel, Digi-CD (EP043)

Oxidised Razor – Gore Invasion, (coy 175-16)

Odroerir – Das Erbe Unserer Ahnen, CD (EP065-2)

Storm Breeder – The Knave, CD

Sick Morgue – Surgical Mutation, (coy 171-16)

Sudden Rage – Fire up the Chainsaw, (coy 177-17)

Sorgsvart (NO) – Vikingtid og Anarki, CD (EP061)

Thokkian Vortex – Into the Nagual, (uer058)

Svartnad (SWE), MCD-replica

Tor Marrock – Destroy the Soul, CD-replica

Trailer Trash Terror (FI), CD-replica

The Anthagonist (SP), MCD-replica

Permanent Midnight – Under the Blood Moon, CD

Pigskinner – The Slaughterhouse Sessions, (coy 169-16)

Purulent Jacuzi – Stench of the Drowned Carrion, (coy-17)

Phantasma (SVK) – Gospel, CD

Root – Kärgeras, CD

Rozelinik – Nihil: The Acheron of Multlciform Regation, CD

Rotting Christ (GRE) – A Dead Poem, CD

Reconance Cascade (SWE)/Järnbörd (SWE)-split cd, CD

Undecimber – Seven Nights in Sin, CD-replica

Undecimber (SWE) – Dead Inside, CD-replica

Utmarken(swe) – Utmarken, CD (EP054)

Velocidad Absurba/Kevlar Skin – Split CD (HEC007)

Vanstorbing Insolobridishn – S/T, (coy 176-17)

Zrymgöll – Mighty tavern, CD (GUC 029-14)

Ömheten – Själv, (uer055)

Handful of Hate (IT) – Blood for Blood, MCD


Nåstrond (SWE) – From a Black Funeral Coffin – LP (ltd. 300x) – silver print on front logo/title… NOTE: 666 SEK!

Nåstrond (SWE) – Toteslaut – LP (ltd. 300x) – insert w/ lyrics + silver print logo/title on front… NOTE: 666 sek!

Nivlhel (SWE) – Ur Vrede Född” 10″ – EP50…250 KR

Reconance Cascade (SWE)/Järnbörd (SWE)-split LP(444xLTD) 150 KR

Stormhunter (035-17) – Stormhunter, LP …250 KR

Deny the urge (034-17) – As Darkness Falls, LP …250 kr

Bitterness (033-17) – Memories of a Dying Past, digicd

Stormhunter (032-16) – An Eye for an I, LP …250 kr

Bitterness (030-15) – Resurrexodus, LP …250 kr

Antipeewee (028-14) – Human Grill Party, LP …250 kr

Mort douce (027-14) – The Walley of Blood and Death, 10″ …250 kr

Deny the urge (022-11) – In Consequence, LP …250 kr



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2xLP=180 KR-REK inrikes


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