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6-10 xCD = 110 KR (spårbart)

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Distribution: SWEDEN

Sarmat (Poland) – “RS-28” CD

“The aggression and the speed in this mixture of death metal and black metal should be pleasant for ears of all fans of the genres mentioned.
The Polish SARMAT band is attacking with the debut full length album titled “RS-28”.
Mass destruction and genocide are not the only lyrical themes of the album. 8 tracks, more than 33 minutes.
The CD format has been self-released by the band in the fully professional way (standard jewel case edition, full coloured booklet with 12 pages) in number of 500 copies.


Price; 100 SEK (10€) + frakt i Sverige 70 KR-spårbart.

Distribution: SWEDEN

Ild/Livløst (NO) – Split 7″

Likskue Productions and Screaming Skull Records are proud to present a 7″ split between Ild and Livløst. Two great Norweigan BLACK-METAL bands! PRE-ORDER NOW! we will only get a few copies…

UPDATE: Due to the industry-wide vinyl delays the planned split 7″ vinyl with Ild and Livløst will not be released until 2022.

PRICE: tba + frakt i sverige 70 KR-spårbart.


Mailorder list, (CDs)

ABORTION (SVK) All You Need Is Hate CD (SMA019)

Apparition/EA/Fenrisulf/Juno Bloodlust/Svar Fra Hedensk – Oriental Abyss, CD (ZDR 001)

Afgrund (SWE) – Corporatocrazy, CD

Altvater – Chroniken, CD (GUC 010-09)

Ancient (NOR) – Det Glömte Riket, CD

Ancient(NOR) – Eerily Howling Winds, CD

Ajatus (SWE) – Blood 666, CD-replica

Ahumado Granujo (ZCE) – Splatter-Tekk, CD

Beneath Slumber – Triumph of Death, CD-replica


Bitterness – Resurrexodus, CD (GUC 030-15)

Bifröst – Mana Ewah, CD (EP056)

Cataplexy – Devangelight, CD (ZDR 014)

Cenotaph – Heart and Knife, MCD (STR01MCD)

Crowboar – Of Tusks and Talons, MCD

CAD – Deadnation, CD

Concrete Icon – Perennial Anguish, CD-replica

Concrete Icon – Through Agonizing Past, CD-replica

Cenotaph – Perverse Dehumanizad Dysfunctions, (coy 180-17)

Carnage – Purification Through Annihilation, (coy 178-17)

Cephalotripsy/Membro Genital Befurcator – Split, (coy 174-16)

Cenotaph – Puked Genital Purulency CD (2020 repress)

Cenotaph – Voluptuously Minced CD

Cenotaph – Putrescent Infectious Rabidity CD

Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead, CD-replica

Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead, Cassette (ltd. 250x incl sticker) + (-trade for other cassette only!)

Dead Infection – Corpses of the Universe, Digi-CD

De Praestigiis Darmonum – Yvonxhe, CD (ZDR 018)

Derogatory – Graveyard Lovers, (coy 170-16)

Deny The Urge – Subsequent Confrontation, CD (GUC   012-04)

Deny The Urge – Blackbox of Human Sorrow, CD (GUC 016-08)

Deny The Urge – As Darkness Falls, CD (GUC 034-17)

DEAD CARNAGE CZE From Hell For Hate CD (ISP057)

DEWDROP (CZE) In Sump No One Can Hear You Scream CD (ISP049)

Doomed Timeline Theory (SWI) – S/T, CD-replica

Demogorgon – Where is he…, CD (GUC 026-13)

Dark Legacy – Ad Extremum Epilogue, CD-replica

Elderblood – Son of the Morning, CD

Engorgerectomy – 725, (coy 173-16)

EMBOLISM (SVK) Love Existence CD (SMA021)

Eyeconoclast (IT) – MCD (incl. 1 hidden bonus song!), CD-replica

Eyeconoclast (IT) – Unassigned Death Chapter, CD

Fatal Perdation – Cold, Starless, Moonless, CD (ZDR 003)

Fenrisulf – Eternal Inheritance, CD (ZDR 020)

Fimbultyr – Niddikter, (uer057)

Fetal decay – Your Enemy is You, (coy 181-17)

Frozen (spa) – The Unborn, CD

Fatal portrait – An Elusive Instinct…, CD

From North (SWE) – S/T, CD

Fimbulvet – Heidenherz, Digi-CD (2-EP056)

Gnome – Silent Scream, CD (ZDR 012)

Gorugoth – S/T, CD (ZDR 004)

Glossectomy – Impediments From Dysplasia, CD (BCE003)

GÖTTERRDÄMMERUNG (CZE) – Neuschwabenland CD (SMA044)

Gorevent – Worship Paganism, CD (BCE006)

Gorevent – Abnormal Exageration, CD (BCE005)

Gra – Ending, Digi-CD (uer062)

Goreinhaled (SP) – Unleash the Bloody Storm, CD

Gypsy Chief Goliath – It’s a Walk in the Mist, CD-replica

Grand Massive (DE/SWE), MCD

Handful of Hate (IT) – Blood for Blood, MCD

Holocausto Canibal – Larvas, CD (BLP0136)

Hirax – Assassins of War, MCD (SMG032)

Hostile Eyes – Disobediaence, CD (BCE002)

Hybrid Viscery – Redneck Abomination, (coy 168-16)

Hypnos – The Whitecrow, CD (EP060-2)

Infernal Necromancy – 1997-2000, CD (ZDR 008)

Insision – End of All, MCD (SR148)

Kali Yuga – S/T, CD-digipack (GUC 031-15)

Kali Yuga – Wrath of Durga, CD (GUC 024-12)

Kill – Inverted Funeral, CD (THR107)

Kill – Burning Blood, CD (SEED023)

Kratornas – Devoured by Damnation, CD

Kevlar Skin – The Bereaved, MCD (LFP009)

Kevlar Skin – Outburst, CD (LFP011)

Koozar/Bangivanz Abdul, CD (ZDR 026)

Korp – Hel Kallar, (uer060)

Logistic Slaughter – Corrosive Ethics, (coy 166-16)

Lux Divina (SP) – Walk Within the Riddle, CD (EP059-2)

MASS BURIAL (ES) Breeding Plagues CD (ISP040)

Myocardial Infarction – Revitalization of the Perniciousness, CD (BCE004)

Modic Vomiting Pus – Thoracoahdominal Viscerectomy, CD Digi-file (BCE007)

MORBID ILLUSION (SWE) In The Crypt Of The Stifled CD (ISP0545)

Mental Apraxia – Against Human Manipulation, (coy 172-16)

Misericordia (SWE) – Erase the Skies, MCD

Misericordia (SWE) – Dechristianize, CD

Master Charger, CD-replica

Nåstrond (SWE) – Conquering the Ages, CD

Nåstrond (SWE) – From a Black Funeral Coffin, CD

Nomenmortis (SVK) – Misanthrone, MCD

Nomenmortis – Exterminating the Bastard Forces, MCD

Nocturn (SP)/Deamonlord (SP) – Split, CD

Nefarium (IT) – Praesidium, CD

Nocturnal Feelings – Compilation, CD replica

Nine Treasures – S/T, Digi-CD (EP064)

Nivlhel – Nivlhel, Digi-CD (EP043)

Oxidised Razor – Gore Invasion, (coy 175-16)

Odroerir – Das Erbe Unserer Ahnen, CD (EP065-2)

Permanent Midnight – Under the Blood Moon, CD

Pigskinner – The Slaughterhouse Sessions, (coy 169-16)

Purulent Jacuzi – Stench of the Drowned Carrion, (coy-17)

Phantasma (SVK) – Gospel, CD

Root – Kärgeras, CD

Rozelinik – Nihil: The Acheron of Multlciform Regation, CD

Rotting Christ (GRE) – A Dead Poem, CD

Reconance Cascade (SWE)/Järnbörd (SWE) – Split, CD

SAMSARA (SVK) When The Soul Leaves The Body CD (SMA009)

Storm Breeder – The Knave, CD

Sick Morgue – Surgical Mutation, (coy 171-16)


Sudden Rage – Fire up the Chainsaw, (coy 177-17)

Sorgsvart (NO) – Vikingtid og Anarki, CD (EP061)

Svartnad (SWE), MCD-replica

TERATOMA (ES) In The Inside… Reborn The Flesh CD/EP (ISP041)

Tor Marrock – Destroy the Soul, CD-replica

Thokkian Vortex – Into the Nagual, (uer058)

Trailer Trash Terror (FI), CD-replica

The Anthagonist (SP), MCD-replica

Undecimber – Seven Nights in Sin, CD-replica

Undecimber (SWE) – Dead Inside, CD-replica

Utmarken(swe) – Utmarken, CD (EP054)

Velocidad Absurba/Kevlar Skin – Split CD (HEC007)

Vanstorbing Insolobridishn – S/T, (coy 176-17)


Zrymgöll – Mighty Tavern, CD (GUC 029-14)

Ömheten – Själv, (uer055)

Mailorder list (Vinyls)
Prices in SEK (KR)

Nåstrond (SWE) – From a Black Funeral Coffin – LP (ltd. 300x)
Silver print on front logo/title… NOTE: 666 SEK!

Nåstrond (SWE) – Toteslaut – LP (ltd. 300x)
Insert w/ lyrics + silver print logo/title on front… NOTE: 666 sek!

Nivlhel (SWE) – Ur Vrede Född, 10″ – EP50…250 KR

Reconance Cascade (SWE)/Järnbörd (SWE) – Split LP (444x LTD) 150 KR

Stormhunter (035-17) – Stormhunter, LP …250 KR

Deny the urge (034-17) – As Darkness Falls, LP …250 kr

Bitterness (033-17) – Memories of a Dying Past, Digi-CD

Stormhunter (032-16) – An Eye for an I, LP …250 kr

Bitterness (030-15) – Resurrexodus, LP …250 kr

Antipeewee (028-14) – Human Grill Party, LP …250 kr

Mort douce (027-14) – The Walley of Blood and Death, 10″ …250 kr

Deny the urge (022-11) – In Consequence, LP …250 kr



1-2 xLP=70 KR-med spårbart

3-5 xLP=110 KR-med spårbart

EUROPE (most countries): POSTNORD

1-2 xLP=200 SEK-with tracking.

3-5 xLP=300 SEK-with tracking.

-IMPORTANT! Some countries can have LOWER/HIGHER shipping price, ASK!

WORLD (selected countries):POSTNORD

1-2 xLP=160 SEK-with tracking.

3-5 xLP=230 SEK-with tracking.

-IMPORTANT! Some countries can have LOWER/HIGHER shipping price, ASK!

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