Origin: Sweden
Style: Black/ Death/ Thrash
Released on: Downfall Records

Hedon started in the break of 2012-13, and released an album 2013 on their own, “Summon the Demons”. During the following years they had a break due to different circumstances. Late 2019 they returned once again and recorded some new material. Compared to “Summon the Demons” the music was more raw and filthy – exactly as they wanted the previous release to be. The new album will decend upon you this year (2020)!

D, profane hammering
M, tunes of insanity
S, guttural screams and curses
H, demonic pulse
C, irreligious melodies

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Released on Downfall
FALLMCD049 / 2021 / Hedon – In Blasphemy Reborn
-CD/MC/LP, in co-work with Hedon/Pagan Art!

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