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Järnbörd (SWE)

Origin: Sweden
Style: Grindcore, punk, crustgrind
Released on: Downfall Records

Jocke Unger – Drums and backing vocals
Anders Schärberg – Guitar and lead vocals
Dan Widing – Bass and backing vocals
Niklas Ehrlin – Samples, programming and backing vocals

Järnbörd was formed around 2015 by Anders (Guitars/Vocals) from Ratad and different fuck ups, Jocke (Drums) from Ratad, Cursus Bellum, Totenwelt, Immersed in blood, and Micke (Bass/Vocals) from Bestial Mockery and Illdåd.
We had an urge to play Swedish crust grind with old school socialist/socio realistic and relevant lyrics. We named ourselves Den mänskliga faktorn (The Human Factor) and released a demo, but almost got sued by a pretentious pop group from Gothenburg with the same name. So after a couple of gigs, and a pretty nasty/peculiar mail conversation, we decided to change our name to Järnbörd, inspired by a play written by Magnus Dahlström. Järnbörd means ”ordeal by fire” which was a test to ensure your allegiance to God or to prove your innocence if confronted by accusations in European medieval times…
In 2017 we released a split with Resonance Casade called Hyperakusi, available on cd, and vinyl through
Whooooargh, Everydayhate, Downfall Records and through different streaming services.
As a band we think it’s important to have something to say, and to say it in an everyday manner rather than just political phrase dropping. We are using our music as a platform to promote messages and thoughts that are important to us, both in lyrics but also with the use of samples from movies and speeches. We also want to use different soundscapes and noise to amplify our sound. In 2018, Niklas E, with a 20 year background in techno and electronic music, then in “Headroom”, now in “Adore”, became a full time member in handling those things and have become an integral part of our music, both in live situations and in the studio.
Throughout the years we have played gigs with a bunch of fucking great bands; at the Grindcore family fest in Copenhagen, together with Suma in Malmö (Järnbörd premiere gig), a few gigs with The Arson Project, Gamla Pengar, Fredag Den 13:e and some other hardhitting rock n roll heroes!
In 2019 Micke – betrayed by society and the judicial system – did the only sane thing and moved to Dalsland, the only real Blashyrkh-area in Sweden. So, we had to find a new enlightened bass player. Dan W (Resonance Cascade, Pyramido, Deranged, Crowpath etc…) stepped in and delivered the goods.
After some rehearsals we went into the studio during the current pandemic, with Hannes Heed as a producer/technical wizard, and recorded 10 tracks, which summed up to 18- 19 minutes of fast and grinding punk/grindcore music. The vocals were recorded by our own Niklas in his studio. It was mixed and mastered by Matte P, Sceleris productions, from the band Ursut (ex. Kontrovers)

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Released on Downfall
FALLCD053 / 2021 / Järnbörd – Gör om, gör fel
FALLCD033 / 2017 / Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd – Hyperakusi

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