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Intoxicate (SWE)

Origin: Sweden
Style: Thrash Metal
Formed in: 1988
Released on: Downfall Records

Mattias Grytting – Vocals
Tommy Carlsson – Guitar
Mattias ”Bullen” Bolander – Guitar
Martin Landin – Bass
Tomas Eriksson – Drums

Intoxicate hails from Gothenburg, Sweden and was formed in 1988 as one of the first thrashbands in this area. Three demotapes were released and got some recognition in the worldwide underground-scene until the split-up 1991. We were asked to re-unite for a gig at Gothenburg Sound Festival in 2015, a tribute-festival for the bands that created “The Gothenburg Sound”. (Even if we wasn´t a part of that creation, we played live with these bands in the old days when they started, and therefore was asked to play with them again). So, with four out of five original members, we hit the stage again and haven´t stopped playing since then. We went for a mini-tour in the Netherlands, played some gigs in Gothenburg with Hatesphere, Pagandom, Nightrage and more. But most time has been spent to write, rehearse and record this album, “Cross Contamination”. Front cover by Raimo K. and layout by Daniel T. It´s mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-Lord Belial) and mastered by the greatest guitar player on planet earth, Andy LaRoque. Enjoy!

1989 Monomania (demotape)
1990 Tango of Nietzsche (demotape)
1991 Into Hibernation (demotape)
2015 Retrogressive (EP. Re-issue of 6 demosongs)
2017 Death in Gothenburg (Compilation with In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Ceremonial Oath and more)
2019 Cross Contamination (CD)

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Released on Downfall
FALLCD043 / 2019 / Intoxicate – Cross Contamination
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