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Fullength album, 2011
Cat. no: FALLCD025
Format: CD (PRO-printed CD-r, printed label, 2-side booklet+1-side inlay, shrink-wrapped jewel case)
Style: Gothic Metal
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Dark, gothic-metal style, with great songs and dark vocals. Inspired by Sisters of Mercy/Danzig/Deathstars…

1. Death by Design
2. The Wicked
3. Never Broken
4. Demon My Love
5. Redemption
6. Aiming Low
7. Together in Death
8. Take This Life
9. Darkness
10. Poison Within
Total playing time


“If you like your metal deep, dark and gothic like early HIM meets Danzig meets Sisters Of Mercy, then smile! Or not. Whatever” – Metal Hammer

Disctopia – 7/9
Legacy Magazin – 13
EGL Magazine
Zware Metalen – 74/100

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