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Fullength album, 2013
Cat. no: 414R-002
Format: CD (PRO-printed CD-r, printed label, 2-side booklet+1-side inlay, shrink-wrapped jewelcase)
Style: Hip-Hop
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Debut album of this young and talented artist from Gothenburg, Sweden!
13 songs of heavy to softer tracks of HIP-HOP…
The album is guested in different songs by friends to KEEYANG!

1. Diamantkorn
2. Brukade va
3. Syndabock (feat. Slim Prince & Sticket Music)
4. Karma
5. Korsdrag (feat. Powerduck)
6. Andra sidan
7. Säg mig (feat. Jenny Larsson)
8. Soldat (feat. Diamond & Floweaz)
9. Ensam kvar (feat. Sanne Eriksson & Darawan)
10. Nya tider
11. Skenet bedrar (feat. Insprq & Yo-Dee)
12. Välkommen (feat. Slim Prince)
13. Backar tillbax

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Alternative payment in Sweden;
SWISH i Sverige: 120 kr för CD+PORTO. Postnord påse "S" (ej spårbart)
INFO: downfall_records@live.se


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