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Fullength album, 2014
Cat. no: FALLCD028
Format: CD
Style: Brutal death metal
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Ultra brutal and fast death-metal from Spain/Colombia!

1 The Horror Scene
2 Psychoptic Mind
3 Inquisition God
4 Suffering
5 War of Bastards
6 Chaos of the Human Stench
7 The Hormo of Destruction
8 Gorelover
9 Suicidal Ferocity
10 Autodisfigurement (Fetus in Fetu)


“This band is hugely under-rated. This is as good as anything that the likes of PUTRID PILE have put out in the last few years, if not better. It is well worth taking the time to check this album out. 8 out of 10” /Metal-Temple

Metal-Temple 8/10
Varity of Death Zine – 8/10
From Beyond Metal Fanzine – 3,5/5

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