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Fullength album, 2001
Cat. no: FALLCD006
Format: CD
Style: Grindcore, Death metal, Punk
Band page (Mastectomia), band page (Mixomatosis)

Mastectomia plays grindcore with death-metal influences and Mixomatosis plays more oldschool grindcore/punk. It’s all about the GORE!

1 Thirteen Days Project
2 Grain Inside Your Body
3 Drive Them Away
4 Gore Fan
5 Digestive Trouble
6 Puke To Death
7 Closed In The Past
8 You Should Know…
9 Estat De Ansietat
10 Infantes Niños Armados
11 Dogma
12 Tierra Enferma
13 Ramon Tatay
14 La Gallina Asesina
15 Un Canibal En Rusia
16 Rios De Sangra En Ruanda
17 Dr.Holmes
18 Terrorismo
19 Paseando Por El Bosque

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