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Fullength album, 2015
Cat. no: BVR009
Format: CD (PRO-printed CD-r, printed label, 2-side booklet + 1-side inlay, shrink-wrapped jewelcase)
Style: Death/Doom/Black
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Mixing the best from different styles as DEATH/DOOM/BLACK and create a dark and heavy sound!

Tracks 1-3 re-recorded songs from “Flood Of Darkened Thoughts” DEMO 2008
Tracks 4-6 re-recorded songs from “Desecrating The Throne” DEMO 2010
Tracks 7-8 previously unreleased new songs
Tracks 9-12 Originally appeared on “Where The Horns Reign” EP 2012
Tracks 9-12 only in CD version of the recording

1. Flood of Darkened Thoughts
2. One With the Nothingness
3. Crypts of Suffering
4. Desecrating the Throne
5. House of Sorrow
6. Broken Statue of Faith
7. God’s Granted Children
8. Kingdom That Never Was
9. Standing at the Mass Graves
10. Silence of the Tombs
11. Where the Horns Reign
12. Summoned from the Sleeping World


“Concrete Icon are a very great sounding mixture of black, doom, death and sludge metal”

A Different Shade of Black Metal Zine – 8/10

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