Ahumado Granujo – Splatter-Tekk


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CD, 2003
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Ultra brutal grindcore with death-metal influences at it’s best. Cool techno music intros/outros to the songs create a strange mix, making you drop your jaw…

1 Everyday Consumation
2 Golden Intestinal Cyst
3 To Mince And Fuck Up
4 Dumplings, Cabbage, Techno
5 Messerschmitt And Junkers – Madrfakz Bunkrz
6 Asthray Made Of Beef
7 Attention! Your Vitreous Body Is Running Out
8 Desensitized (Regurgitate)
9 Secretion Of The Shrubbery
10 Rebound Phenomenon During The Sudden Withdrawal Of Antihypertensional Medication
11 Cold Turkey
12 Exingushing The Swollen Balls
13 Virtually Self-urinated [Explicit]
14 Heroin Harrasment
15 Faekalic Hydroxide
16 Oslotron
17 Cunt Slime
18 Dead Body Love (Pungent Stench)


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