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Fullength album, 2005
Cat. no: FALLCD015
Format: CD
Style: Death/Grind Metal
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Fast Death/Grind from Slovakia!

1. Unleashing The Hordes Of Vengeance (Intro)
2. In the Sign of Punishment, Victory and Doom
3. Beyond the Landscape of Dreaming Mind
4. Enemyslayer – Bloodfreezing Warcry of N’De
5. A Voyage Through the Wrong Places and Times
6. Mutants From Decaying Scumgarden
7. On the Thunderwings of Spirit Forever Free
8. Scourged Into Abyssic Firewhirls
9. 1598 – Christmas With the Deathriders
10. Across the Plains of Ruin
11. Loss, Fury and Eternity
12. Entering the Catacombs of Insanity (Outro)

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