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Digital/CD (PRO-printed CD-r, printed label, 2-side booklet + 1-side inlay, shrinkwrapped jewelcase) 26/3 2016
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Celebrating 15 years Nocturnal Feelings releases an compilation album with the best songs from their past! Nocturnal Feelings was created as an obscure manifestation of human hate for religion. They have an different vision of life and death and a different conception of beauty. Their music was forged raw and cold as the expression of their dark thoughts. This compilation is dedicated to the warriors who have supported the band through these years! The songs are remastered in Sweden 2016 by Recordall.

1. Momentum
2. Angels´s Hunter (the Sorcerer)
3. Scarlet Poison
4. The Army of Death
5. Majestic Destiny to God´s Creation
6. Through the Stars
7. Camino al Inferno
8. The Meeting
9. Creatures of the Night
10. Ashes From Heaven
11. Crystal Throne
12. Tropa de Destruccion
13. A Dark Farwell
14. Grito Ancestral


“Their sound is of the 90-ies black-metal scene in Scandinavia. If you like early Emperor (nor) etc, then this IS for you!”

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