Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead


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Digital/MCD (pro-printed cdr)
February 27th, 2016
Band page

The band was spawned in 2013 by JOCKE and ANDERS. The members also have previous or current involvement in acts as: Totenwelt, Ratad, Järnbörd, Immersed in Blood, Sgt. Carnage, Supreme Majesty, Non Serviam, In Black, Obscurity (Krstd.), Serenade (es.) Cursus Bellum take the darkness from black-metal and the brutality from death-metal, and create their own blackened DEATH-METAL!

1. Engineering the Apocalypse
2. The Wolf
3. Accusing the Dead
4. Death from Above
5. Defiance in Ashes


“Cursus Bellum plays a musical style that takes the brutality and mixes it in with the darkness and blasphemy of black metal to create a style of their own” /Blackened Death Metal Zine

“A debuting offering that will for sure please a lot of maniacs out there” /Voices From the Dark Side

“Intense, dark and chaotic release. It’s nice and raw and dirty.” /

Blackened Death Metal Zine – 8/10
Voices From the Dark Side – 7/10
Brutalism – 4/5 – 3/5
Metal Imperium – 5.5/10

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