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Wulfgar (SWE)

Origin: Sweden
Style: Viking/Melodic death metal
Formed: 2005
Released on: Downfall Records

Vocals: David Gullbrandsson
Guitar: Reine Karlsson
Guitar: Robin Karlsson
Bass: Andreas Skarphagen
Drums: Thommy Lindskog

Wulfgar was formed in the small town of Bromölla in the south of Sweden back in 2005. Its founders are Thommy Lindskog (drums), Emil Augustsson (vocals) and Jimmie Mattisson (guitar). Soon after it was formed Max Lindqvist (guitar) and Morgan Löfstedt (bass) joined the band.
After two recorded demos the band were signed and they released their first full length album With Gods and Legends Unite (2007). Soon after its release Max Lindqvist decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and the search for a new guitarist started. Reine Karlsson took on the role and they immediately started writing fresh material for their second full length album Midgardian Metal (2010).
After a few years, vocalist Emil Augustsson also parted ways with the band due to personal reasons and the band now stood left without. Bass player Morgan Löfstedt then put down his bass and picked up the mic to save the band. Instead Adam Nilsson stepped in to pick up the bass guitar and the band once again started writing new material for what would lay the foundation of Wulfgar’s third full length album.
The work continued but after a year or so had passed, life caught up and Adam and Morgan decided to leave the band before all of the new material could be finished. Once again the band found itself short of members.
Thommy, Jimmie and Reine felt that this new material was too good to go to waste and decided to finish the songs and record them to get a third album out. They contacted a studio and started recording. Their old friend Max Lindqvist stepped in as a session bass player for these recordings but they still had no one to grab the mic.
After a period of searching, David Gullbrandsson was chosen as their new vocalist and soon stepped into the studio. When recording was done and time came for mastering, Jimmie Mattisson decided to leave the band due to personal reasons.
Wulfgar was put on hold for some time as a result, but never died. Thommy, Reine and David stayed in touch with continued sessions and they started looking for new members to complete the band. Eventually, Andreas Skarphagen joined in to take place as their new bass player and soon after Robin Karlsson came to pick up the last guitar.
The work with getting the third album released finally resumed and once again the band rose From the Ashes (2021).

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Released on Downfall
FALLCD054 / 2021 / Wulfgar – From the Ashes (Full-lenght album)
FALLDS052 / 2021 / Wulfgar – Thundering Winds
FALLDS051 / 2021 / Wulfgar – From The Ashes (Digital single)

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