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Nightcore Books by author Jake Bannerman
-Horror by a Metal fan for Metal fans. Gore blasphemy death like a tornado of words described as “listening to Cannibal Corpse while getting kicked in the teeth” in one review. Downfall Records is offering digital versions of its titles for only 25 SEK each!

Comes with artwork and the book in Word and PDF format!

Family of Dog
18 very powerful people join forces to do the unthinkable after they are unpleased with the results of selling their souls to The Devil so what do they do? Sue his ass of course. Buckle up as The Devil comes to Earth and clashes not only with the 18 but The Messenger of God who defends God in a courtroom drama full of Black Magic, Murder, Rape, and Judgment. Opening in Central Park hundreds of thousands gather to listen to a flamboyant speaker who promises to bring the rapture a severed head and a little vile later would they make it out alive? Twisted like the crown of thorns itself Family of Dog touches subjects you’ve never dreamt of but will cause you nightmares! Does Satan win? It’s the ultimate battle for supremacy!