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Maheshvara “Sense Perception”, track #3 from the album.

Fullength album
Cat. no.: BVR019
Release date: 9th May 2024 (9/5-2024)
Format: CD (Pro-printed CDr; 2-side booklet, 1-sid inlay, cd label print, jewel case (black tray) + plastic-wrapped)
Style: Atmospheric Dark Metal (+Ritual/Ambient/Darkwave)
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Music was written and performed by Ivan Mikhailik.
Produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Ivan Mikhailik.
Texts was taken from «Bhagavad – gita As It Is» by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
Cover artwork and design by Anna Mikhailik.

01 Eternal Soul
02 Om Tat Sat
03 Sense Perception
04 Seers Of The Truth
05 Difference Of Understanding
06 The Self Slays Not Nor The Slain
07 Spiritual Spark
08 Interim State


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