Origin: Canada
Style: Rock & Roll/Stoner/Blues/Metal
Released on: Black Vulture Records

Al “the Yeti” Bones
Dave Ljubanovich
Adam Saitti
Darren Brush
Rev. Brodie Stevenson

Known globally as a stoner metal band, Canadians GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH incorporate three guitar players and a harmonica player giving them a blues edge to their heavy groove.

Thin Lizzy meets Black Sabbath, with subtle elements of modern heavy metal here and there, this is a “heavy blues” band that wavers on the edge of metal, stoner, doom and classic rock.


Released on Downfall
bvr-002 / 2010 / Gypse Chief Goliath – It’s a Walk in the Mist
bvr-001 / 2010 / Gypse Chief Goliath – Black Samurai (digital single)

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