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Cursus Bellum (SWE)

Origin: Sweden
Style: Death/Blackend death
Released on: Downfall Records

Cursus Bellum, spawned in the vast black soil of Lundaslätten, Sweden, is consisting of Jocke Unger on drums and vocals and Anders Nyander on guitars and bass. After decade long co-operation in constellations such as Sgt. Carnage, along with the mutual metal-vinyl & beer consumption of biblical proportions, the musical and creative direction of Cursus Bellum first took its perverted form in 2013. The first official unveiling of the duo came in form of the recording MCD/Cassette Accusing The Dead, released early 2016 on Downfall Records. Further inspired by the surounding muddy moraine and pale horizonless skies of the Scanian plains material for a new full length album was assembled. The recording seance was once again held in Studio Oggerlunden and the full length album Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit was soon later released as CD and in digital format by Downfall Records in the fall of 2018. The members also have previous or current involvement in acts as Totenwelt, Ratad, Järnbörd, Immersed in Blood, Sgt. Carnage, Supreme Majesty (Jocke) and Non Serviam, Sgt.Carnage, In Black, Obscurity (Krstd.), Serenade (es.) (Anders).

Anders: All strings
Jocke: Drums and Vocals

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Ancient Visionz (2018)

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Released on Downfall
FALLCD036 / 2018 / Cursus Bellum – Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
FALLMCD030 / 2016 / Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead
FALLMC030 / 2016 / Cursus Bellum – Accusing the Dead (Lim. cassette)

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